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What is My Purpose?

We have developed a game & activation that help you realize the purpose that is already inside you. Most of go looking for purpose our whole lives, trying to find worth somewhere, from someone, and all the while God created you with your purpose already written inside of you. 

Below are 6 short videos of our Discovery Cards. Simply watch and think about which answer you resonate with most. Then, put your answers together in the contact sheet below and we'll help you connect the dots of the purpose within you!


What Do You Want To Give the World

What do you want to give the world? In a big picture sense, how do you want to help or impact others? If you could change the world in any of the following ways, which one would it be?



Who does your heart break for? Who do you naturally feel drawn to help? Often it is someone going through something that either you or someone you love has gone through. Your experience gives you great love in making an impact in their lives.


What is Your Passion?

What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? You were created with natural gifts and talents that can be an important part of your purpose, and how to impact the people and communities all around you.


What is Your PURPOSE?

How will you help others? What skills or training do you have that can be your vehicle to living your purpose? There are many ways but here are a few of them in this video.


What NATION Are You Called To?

Where would you like to make an impact? Is there a nation or culture you are drawn to? It might be your own community, or it might be somewhere across the world. Someone, somewhere in the world is waiting for what God created inside you!

First Steps

What Are Your FIRST STEPS?

So it's not just a dream, to actually live your purpose it's important to get started and take your First Step. What will it be? How can you  get started in small ways that build momentum? Here are some ideas...

LIVE Your Purpose!

Use this form to fill out YOUR ANSWERS to the above videos with how to contact you and we'll help you take the next steps in living towards the purpose you were created for!


Thanks for submitting!

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